Faust’s Online Creative Programmes

As a special collaboration with Faust HK, students who register in Singapore will get the unique opportunity to be taught by our drama teachers from Hong Kong! Take this chance to attend enriching lessons from overseas professionals.

In response to the current situation and the needs of our members, we aim to serve families during this difficult time by offering a wide variety of online creative programmes to keep your child engaged and learning skills.

From September 7th, we will provide weekly sessions – lasting 45 to 60 minutes over a 5 week period. At the end of the 5 week period, you can continue with the same programme or try our something new! These weekly programmes will be delivered by our leaders live in real time through ZOOM.

Click on the links below for more details on each programme!


  • Drama Club (ages 4 – 11)
  • Musical Theatre – West End Classics (Ages 7 – 10)
  • Theatrical Performances – Solos and Duologues (ages 8 – 11)


  • Creative Writing (ages 6 – 14)
  • Reading Comprehension Support (ages 6 – 10)


  • How to Audition Successfully (ages 11 – 18)
  • Theatrical Performances – Solos and Duologues (ages 12 – 16)


Receive a 10% discount if you enroll in more 2 or more programmes, or siblings! Discounts cannot be combined.

To register your child for our Online Creative Programmes, please click here to complete our online registration form.

Once we receive your registration, we will reserve your child's place and our team will contact you with directly.



Click on the video below for a sneak peek in our online workshops and the leaders running them during the year!


What are Online Creative Programmes?
These are online Zoom sessions designed to engage your child’s creative and critical skills in a positive, proactive learning environment! In addition to our popular Drama and Creative Writing programmes, we have a wide range of fun and educational programmes designed by dedicated professionals for your child to enjoy.

Why keep it 5 sessions only?
The short term course format and various choices available allows parents more flexibility rather than committing to a longer term course.

Why offer the sessions in small groups rather than individual sessions?
Social engagement is an important factor in childhood development and it is something that many children have missed during the past few difficult months. We want to continue to provide children the opportunity and platform to engage and learn with each other. Learning individually works for some subjects and children but many other topics work best in smaller groups.

What is the maximum group size?
Some groups have a maximum of 6 students and some have a maximum of 12 students.

Are there any discounts?
We have a 10% discount for those who register for 2 programmes or more simultaneously. Discounts cannot be combined.

How do I enroll for a programme?
For new members, please complete our online registration form. Once we receive your registration, we will reserve your child's place and our team will contact you with directly.


If you have any questions about our Summer programme or would like to sign-up for more updates, please email us at or call 6235 3582.