Faust is excited to announce the launch of PLAY-a-Story, a participatory theatrical experience designed by our creative team of drama leaders.

During a PLAY-a-Story session, children are invited to experience a story through the use of oral storytelling, music and movement. Combine that with other elements that may include Sensory Play, puppetry, miming and role-playing, PLAY-a-Story is guaranteed to delight the senses of the young audience as they get involved to be part of the story.

The themes/stories and activities for PLAY-a-Story are customisable to the needs of the children. Recommended for children ages 8 and below, PLAY-a-Story can also be catered for children with special needs. Parents, guardians and teachers are also welcomed to join in the story with the children.

Past PLAY-a-Story sessions include stories about Peter Rabbit, The Gruffalo and many more! Do reach out to our Faust team to find out how PLAY-a-Story can be tailored for you.

If you have any questions about the programme or would like to sign-up for more updates, please email us at or call 6235 3582.

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