Faust is proud to run Faust Early Years drama course to our youngest members. This course will introduce children to the wonderful world of drama, theatre and the performing arts!

Each workshop takes children on a journey through their imagination. Using an array of stories and poems children will explore their own creativity as well as developing confidence and an interest in all things dramatic.

Workshops include meeting many characters through teacher-led improvisation, props and costumes will be used to bring these imaginative journeys to life. They will have circle time activities every workshop which includes catchy songs and actions developing their confidence, voice and motor skills.

Workshops could include interactive story time where our drama teacher will share stories with the children through puppets, acting or books. Children will then have plenty of time to get involved, help tell the story and do lots of activities related to the story.

The drama teacher will introduce the skills we need as actors to recite poems. Children will play some games and do activities to explore the various techniques actors use to engage their audience when speaking verse.

The course covers different social development milestones: making friends, playing with others, sharing, taking turns, helping and caring for others. The workshops will develop children’s social, physical and cognitive skills in an environment which values their individuality and encourages their creativity.