Early Years

Programme for School - Early Years Faust offers various programmes specially tailored to pre-primary aged children. These can either be one-off or a full term of workshops on a given theme that suits the needs of the kindergarten or learning centre. Read on to see what we have offered recently!

Organised as a one-off workshop for children aged 4 to 5, this workshop looked at story-telling and sequencing. The leader led the children through a story adventure, role-playing characters and using their imaginations to consider what might happen next. The workshop was tailored to support a unit of inquiry in the school’s curriculum and so helping children to broaden what they were already learning in school.

This workshop explored the different tools at an actor's disposal - body, voice, and most importantly, imagination. Using a variety of drama games we developed awareness of how to take on different characters and how to use our bodies to support this. This was a very physical workshop which got the body and the mind moving. At the end of the workshop children shared a short mime piece with the rest of the group.

Faust has offered specialised dance and movement workshops for young children exploring such themes as 'Earth and Water' or looking at different dance styles. Movement work is a great way to introduce children to drama and performing as it gets them moving and immediately promotes creative expression. Young children who are not yet ready for text-based drama exercises often respond well to movement workshops.